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Greets Readers,

Heres where I write about Cult TV, my favourite programs, in comedy, modern errors.
In American TV, and British TV. Since i'm geeky a lot of this will be Science Fiction, and a lot will be Spies since i'm british, for our eyes only OHMPB, on her majasties public broadbast, and a lot will be comedy, since i like being cheered up.

Heres my greatest TV,

Doctor Who
Red Drawf, we have drawf, we have giant, we know difference betwwen white drawf from games worlds, and white drawf WOBAFGKM, Patrick Moore knows the score.
U.N.K.L.E. The man from Hustle and the invisible man that make Saphire a the purdeist bird that every coldly delt with avenagers and horror.
U.N.K.L.E. Also see great music over at The Third Magick. Note to self, write a review.
Greatest adverts on UK televsion.
Best British Movies.
Randall and Hopkirk, deceased, and squillised loved both versions.
Portmeirion, dangerman of crime? No the worst danger was a giant white ball, called Rover.
The Simpsons, if the simpsons have a refered to it, is a classic.
If you have never quothif to the simpsons, you've missed comedy.
Forty Towers.
Monty Python.
Citizen Smith.
The Young ones.
Not the nine o'clock news.
Life with David_Attenborough.
Pete Postlethwaite.
East Enders.
Last of the summer wine.